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Ningbo Z-MART Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd

was established in 2010. We are specialized in houseware,kitchenware,personalcare item,pet item and etc. Our mainly market is USA, UK. European country,Canada, Australia, Netherlands....

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10 Years'Specialized Experience in Houseware product Industry
Excelsior Quality Control System
Leading Product Innovation Capability of the Industry
Strong-based Production and Manufacture Capability

Featured Products

Mouse spinner-ZM-PI013

Mouse spinner

Item No.:ZM-PI013

2 in 1 Cooler Grill-ZM-OD002

2 in 1 Cooler Grill

Item No.:ZM-OD002

Shoes Under-ZM-HOG019

Shoes Under

Item No.:ZM-HOG019

2 Rack Multi Hanger-ZM-HOG014

2 Rack Multi Hanger

Item No.:ZM-HOG014

Drawer Divider-ZM-HOG005

Drawer Divider

Item No.:ZM-HOG005

Pasta N More-ZM-KW082

Pasta N More

Item No.:ZM-KW082

Micro Grill-ZM-KW008

Micro Grill

Item No.:ZM-KW008

Comfort Lap Mate-ZM-OD014

Comfort Lap Mate

Item No.:ZM-OD014